Friday, March 4, 2011

Agency PR

When I sit down and actually try and think of what it is that I want to do with my life after I graduate from college, so many things come to my mind, I couldn't possibly pick just one. Sometimes I feel like I am five years old again writing down everything I want to be what I grow up. Then the very next day, it all changes.

One of the things that Jennifer Little and Ashley Maddocks from Edelman pointed out as they shared their advice and expertise with us this Wednesday night was that one of the advantages to being at an agency is the opportunity you have to switch around. You can discover your passion after trying out many different options and have the freedom to be able to move around within the company.

 I have always been a little afraid of agencies. They have always seemed so big and scary. But after listening to Jennifer and Ashley, I have a brand new interest in agencies and what they might have to offer as I try to find my place after graduating.

Jennifer highlighted this concept perfectly when she said, "If you want a really well-rounded base, an agency's the way to go." I am beginning to agree with her after listening how many opportunities are available to employees within an agency like Edelman. Ashley followed by saying, "Opportunities when you grow as a student and professional will present themselves to you, and they may change what you want." This is exactly what I was looking for. I already change what I want on a regular basis so why not spend my first few years exploring all there is to learn in an agency with a lot of variety and experience.

Maybe an agency wouldn't be as intimidating as I thought. It could be just the place for me! Jennifer and Ashley really did a great job of showing our class just how much exciting agencies can be by pointing out the endless amount of opportunities available. I really enjoyed listening to their stories and advice, and I feel like I'm slowing beginning to put the puzzle pieces of my life after graduation together.

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  1. I agree that agencies intimidated me at first too. It just seems overwhelming but after hearing about Edelman's various divisions I think it sounds much more organized.