Friday, February 25, 2011


"Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will be successful." - Brian Tracy

When Wednesday night's speaker, Gail Chandler, APR, first began her career in Communications she was told by a man that she would never make it in this business as a woman. He told her that if he was her father he would never have allowed her to major in Communications. Gail not only proved this man wrong, but she went above and beyond anyone's expectations through perseverance and determination and is now one of the most successful women in the PR world. 

Gail mentioned that there was no set path for getting where you are supposed to be - everyone will have their own unique way of finding their dream job. Gail has worked in a variety of industries, from a job at the Goodwill Industries, to working for the Dallas Park Department and DISD to where she is today at Texas Instruments. If she hadn't worked for DISD she would never have gotten her dream job at Texas Instruments. 

That thought suck with me long after we left the classroom that night. Gail knew what she loved and stuck with it through a variety of jobs and ended up working in her dream job. Gail made the decision to stick with her job at DISD even though she knew it wasn't quite right, it was a stepping stone in the right direction and that was all she needed to know. Texas Instruments was and still is a huge supporter of Education and the Community. Gail's experience working in the Education industry put her a step ahead of her competitors. 

As I make my way into the working world, I have a new found confidence that I will end up where I am meant to be. I may have to persevere through a number of jobs before I get there but that's what life is all about. Living each day to the fullest and learning from and taking advantage of every single opportunity that comes my way. The beautiful thing about life is that we don't have to have it all figured out magically over night. We can make mistakes and then learn from them and we will always have our perseverance to push us to the next level, to keep us striving to be the best we can be.

I hope to follow in Gail's footsteps and take any opportunities that come my way, knowing they are all leading me to reaching my potential and guiding me in the direction of my dreams. 

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